List of software I maintain:

  • Mattermost End-to-End Encryption plugin : an E2EE encryption plugin for Mattermost.
  • DragonFFI: a C Foreign Function Interface (FFI) library written in C++ and based on Clang/LLVM.
  • usbtop: a top-like utility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth on USB buses and devices.
  • Arybo: a software for manipulating such expressions using bit vectors and gives a bit-per-bit symbolic representation (aka bit-slicing)

Small C++ librairies:

  • SHA256 C++ Literal: a small C++-14 header that defines a _sha256 literal that computes SHA256 at compile-time

  • intmem: C++ library to load/store integers from/to memory (w/o undefined behaviors and strict typing issues)

List of softwares I don’t maintain anymore:

  • wannakey: Wannacry in-memory key recovery

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