• QBDL: QuarkslaB Dynamic Loader by Romain Thomas & Adrien Guinet, 2021, SSTIC

  • How to run the NVIDIA NGX SDK under Linux by Romain Thomas & Adrien Guinet, 2021, Quarkslab blog

  • Epona and the Obfuscation Paradox: Transparent for Users and Developers, a Pain for Reversers by Béatrice Creusillet, Adrien Guinet, Juan Manuel Martinez & Pierrick Brunet, 2019, SPRO

  • Defeating NotPetya from your iLO4 by Alexandre Gazet, Adrien Guinet & Fabien Perrigaud, 2019

  • Combining Obfuscation and Optimizations in the Real World by Serge Guelton, Adrien Guinet, Pierrick Brunet, Juan Manuel Martinez, Fabien Dagnet & Nicolas Szlifierski, 2018, SCAM

  • Émulation du bootloader de NotPetya avec Miasm by Jordan Bouyat & Adrien Guinet, 2018, MISC Magazine

  • Introduction to DragonFFI by Adrien Guinet, 2018, LLVM Blog

  • Anti-RE 101 by Serge Guelton, Adrien Guinet, Pierrick Brunet & Juan Manuel Martinez, 2017, MISC Magazine

  • Arybo : Manipulation, Canonicalization and Identification of Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic Symbolic Expressions by Adrien Guinetm Ninon Eyrolles & Marion Videau, 2016, Grehack

  • NFLlib: NTT-Based Fast Lattice Library by Carlos Aguilar Melchor, Joris Barrier, Serge Guelton, Adrien Guinet, Marc-Olivier Killijian & Tancrède Lepoint, 2016, The Cryptographers’ Track at the RSA Conference

  • Ne vous o(b)fusquez pas pour si peu by Serge Guelton & Adrien Guinet, 2015, MISC

  • Quatre millions d’échanges de clés par seconde by Adrien Guinet, Carlos Aguilar, Serge Guelton & Tancrède Lepoint, 2015, SSTIC

  • Building Retargetable and Efficient Compilers for Multimedia Instruction Sets by Serge Guelton, Adrien Guinet & Ronan Keryell, 2011, Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques

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